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Ready or Not Daycare is non-subsidized private daycare. Our daycare fees include hot lunches and 2 snacks prepared in a peanut and allergy free environment, served each day. The fees also include sick days, holidays and vacation time.


We provide healthy, well balanced nutritional meals (morning snack, hot lunch and afternoon snack), educational activities, and a safe, clean environment for the children to learn and explore.

* Pay 8 dollars a day or less with a household income between $30,000- $45,000/year after monthly government reimbursements and federal aid payments.

Daycare Fees: $50 per day (8mths-18mths), $50 per day (18mths+).

Payable on the the 1st of every month. We require that the daycare fees be paid on the 1st of each month either by pre-authorized payment or by postdated cheques.

Since we are a private daycare parents are eligible to apply for a refundable tax credit for childcare expenses with Revenu Québec. The refund is given by direct deposit on the 15th of every month. With the refundable childcare tax credit, parents are eligible to get back between 26% to 75% in fees paid depending on their income.


We have included the links below where you may apply for your tax credit. As well as an online calculator which enables you to calculate your tax refund amount.




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